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Survey of Elderly in Cambodia, 2004

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Access to Files:Data and Documentation
Title:Survey of Elderly in Cambodia, 2004
Study Number:1246
Catalog Date:06/15/2009
Primary Investigator(s):John Knodel, Souvan Kiry Kim, Zachery Zimmer, Sina Puch
Source:Phnom Penh
Access Restrictions:No
Abstract:This report provides a basic but comprehensive demographic, social, economic and health profile of
Cambodia’s older population based on the 2004 Survey of Elderly in Cambodia (SEC), a representative
survey of persons age 60 and over conducted in Phnom Penh and the five largest provinces. As such it
represents the first comprehensive examination of the situation of Cambodian elders based on a widely
representative sample. The traumatic history of social dislocation, civil strife and political violence that
the current generation of elders survived is evident in the fact that over two-fifths lost at least one child
and close to one fourth of the women lost a spouse during the short but lethal period of Khmer Rouge rule
during 1975-79. Given the lack of alternatives, Cambodian elders rely heavily on filial support as
indicated by high levels of coresidence and contributions of modest amounts of money and material
goods from children. Both the economic situation and health of Cambodian elders is generally quite
unfavorable reflecting the pervasive poverty and underdevelopment of country in general. The results
point to a need for greater recognition on the part of the government and aid agencies of the needs and
potential contribution of this important but hitherto largely ignored segment of the population.
Universe:Persons over 60 years of age

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