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Vietnam 1994 Intercensal Demographic Survey

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Title:Vietnam 1994 Intercensal Demographic Survey
Study Number:1271
Catalog Date:02/17/2011
Primary Investigator(s):Knodel, John E.
Source:General Statistical Office of Vietnam
Abstract:The Vietnam 1994 Intercensal Demographic Survey (VNICDS) was conducted in order to update information on human reproduction, infant and child mortality, contraceptive use, and maternal and child care. This data set contains six separate data files. The first two files (pop.sav and HH.sav) are from the household portion of the survey, while the last four files (WOMEN.sav, Children.sav, CHAPT4A.sav, and CHAPT4B.sav) are from the individual portion. The pop.sav file contains data from a 10% population survey about household members and relationships. The HH.sav file is a smaller sample and contains information about household facilities and possessions. The WOMEN.sav file contains data on ever-married women 15-49 years old about background, reproduction, contraception, marriage, fertility preferences, husband’s background, and expectations about the elderly. The Children.sav file contains data about the women’s children – single/multi-birth status, sex, alive/deceased status, and education. The CHAPT4A.sav file contains data about pregnancy and breastfeeding for each child. The CHAPT4B.sav file contains data about each child’s immunizations and health.
Universe:A total of 13,093 households and 10,490 ever-married women (15-49 years old) were identified across all seven geographical regions of Vietnam. Households and women were surveyed from April through June 1994.

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