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Census of Population and Housing, 1999: Vietnam

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Title: Census of Population and Housing, 1999: Vietnam
Study Number:1294
Catalog Date:07/15/2011
Source:Bureau of the Central Steering Committee for the 1989 Population and Housing Census. General Statistics Office
Universe:1. All Vietnamese persons and foreigners (not including persons in embassy, diplomatic missions, and their relatives) who usually reside in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam on the date and time of census. 2. Vietnamese persons who receive permits from government's authorities to stay for a given duration abroad and they still live abroad at the time of census. Persons who were born after the date and time of census and persons who died before the date and time of census are not eligible for the enumeration and are not in the list of enumeration. 3. Housing of all households is located in the land of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

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