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A Qualitative Assessment of Teenage Pregnancy in Mongolia

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Title:A Qualitative Assessment of Teenage Pregnancy in Mongolia
Study Number:1318
Catalog Date:06/12/2013
Source:John Knodel
Abstract:Although a fair amount is known about the levels of sexual activity, contraceptive use and childbearing in and out of marriage among adolescents in Mongolia from prior research and statistical sources, little is known about the context and circumstances in which these occur. Given that most adolescent pregnancy and childbearing occurs later in adolescence, many of these births could be desired. We also have little specific knowledge about adolescents’ own perceptions of their interactions with reproductive health service providers and the barriers to contraceptive use that they face. Finally, similar to other countries, even less is known in all respects about the experiences of adolescent boys.

The present study was undertaken to provide a more complete picture of adolescent pregnancy and childbearing by increasing our understanding of the context of the lives of adolescent girls and boys who experienced or were involved in a pregnancy. We sought to learn about the circumstances of sexual initiation, decision-making about sexual and reproductive behavior and contraceptive use, the reasons a pregnancy occurred, adolescents’ perspectives on being pregnant, decision-making about the pregnancy, the implementation of their decision, the effects on their lives, and their ideas for solutions to unwanted adolescent pregnancy.

Semi-structured interviews were conducted among males and females who were or had a partner who was currently pregnant, had had an abortion or given birth before the age of 20 in Ulaanbaatar, Khovsgul and Arkhangai aimags. A total of 219 interviews were conducted, of which 208 were included in the analysis. Of these 165 were with females and 43 were with males, with about half in Ulaanbaatar and half in the two aimags. Interviews were conducted between July 2001 and January 2002.

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