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Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practice of Contraception in Morocco (KAP Survey): Meknes Extract

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Title:Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practice of Contraception in Morocco (KAP Survey): Meknes Extract
Study Number:145
Catalog Date:05/14/1998
Access Restrictions:No
Abstract:This is an extract from a survey conducted by Robert Lapham for his doctoral dissertation (University of Michigan). The survey has information on family planning attitudes, knowledge, and practice. The survey took place in the Meknes region in 1966. It includes 522 currently married women in the city of Meknes and currently married women from 17 douars ( villages usually kin oriented) in the Sais plain. Sortly before this survey the Moroccan government began a pilot family planning program in the city of Meknes. The survey includes questions on ideal number of children, desire for more children, knowledge and attitudes toward contraceptive methods and contraceptive practice. Marriage history includes number, timing, and type of marriage (arranged, love-match) as well as residence after marriage (with parents, alone). Complete birth histories are available. Also included in the survey is information on literacy, education, occupation of husband and wife, migration history, nearness of relatives, and household amenities.
Universe:Currently married women less than 50 years of age. In the urban area, the sample is basically random while the rural sample was drawn using quota sampling.

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