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KAP2-Economic Correlates of Fertility (ECF)-KAP3 Merge

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Access to Files:Data and Documentation
Title:KAP2-Economic Correlates of Fertility (ECF)-KAP3 Merge
Study Number:161
Catalog Date:05/14/1998
Primary Investigator(s):Chow, L. P.
Access Restrictions:Yes
Abstract:This study merges data from three surveys: KAP-2, ECF (Economic Correlates of Fertility), and KAP-3. KAP-2 was an island-wide survey of married women, 20 to 44 years of age. Information on the wife's pregnancy history, desired family size, contraceptive knowledge and use were gathered as well as socioeconomic characteristics of the wife and her husband. The purpose of the ECF study was to determine what part economic factors have in determining attitudes to children and family size preferences. A sample of husbands of the KAP-2 respondents were the respondents in this survey. The KAP-3 survey was another island-wide fertility survey. It included the women from KAP-2 whose husbands had been interviewed in the ECF survey, a sample of newly-weds, and a sample of women who had not previously been interviewed. The sample for the merge tape includes women who were included in at least two of the three contributing samples.
Universe:Original panel was a multistage probability sample of married women 20 to 44 years of age. A sample of these women or their spouses were interviewed in two later surveys.

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