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Princeton Fertility Study [United States]

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Access to Files:Data and Documentation
Title:Princeton Fertility Study [United States]
Study Number:317
Catalog Date:06/08/1998
Primary Investigator(s):Charles F. Westoff
Source:Office of Population Research, Princeton University
Access Restrictions:No
Abstract:A simple random sample was drawn in each SMA, based on Vital Records, to identify eligible women who had had a second birth four to six months before the projected interview date. After excluding women who had moved out of the SMA, or died, by the time of interview, 1314 eligible couples were identified for the first round, of whom 1165 completed interviews. The response rate was thus 88.7%. A self-administered questionnaire left for the husband and wife to mail back after the interview yielded a response rate of over 80%. Any couple whose marriage was no longer intact, or who had had a sterilizing operation, or who had left the area or died, was excluded from the eligible pool for the second interview. 1129 of the original couples were still eligible for the second interview; of these, 905 completed second interviews (response rate 80.2%). In the third round, women were divided into 5 groups based on age, years of marriage and future childbearing expectations, with the intention of interviewing them as close as possible to the end of their reproductive lives. The final interviews took place over a five-year period based in these criteria. The intention was that in the final interview, the woman should be at least 36.5 years old, have been married at least 11 years and have had all the children the couple wanted. The final group included all women who had not completed these requirements. Of the 870 couples eligible for the final round, 814 completed interviews (response rate 93.6%).
Universe:Currently married native-born white couples, who had never been separated, had recently had a second child, and never experienced a miscarriage or child death.

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