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Census of Population and Housing, 1910 [United States]: Oversample of Black-headed Households

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Access to Files:Data and Documentation
Title:Census of Population and Housing, 1910 [United States]: Oversample of Black-headed Households
Study Number:454
Catalog Date:03/21/2000
Primary Investigator(s):Morgan, S. Philip, and Douglas Ewbank.
Access Restrictions:No
Abstract:Designed to facilitate analysis of the status of Blacks around the turn of the century, this oversample of Black-headed households in the United States was drawn from the 1910 manuscript census schedules. The sample complements the 1/250 Public Use Sample of the 1910 census manuscripts collected by Samuel H. Preston at the University of Pennsylvania: CENSUS OF POPULATION, 1910 [UNITED STATES]: PUBLIC USE SAMPLE (ICPSR 9166). Part 1, Household Records, contains a record for each household selected in the sample and supplies variables describing the location, type, and composition of the households. Part 2, Individual Records, contains a record for each individual residing in the sampled households and includes information on demographic characteristics, occupation, literacy, nativity, ethnicity, and fertility.
Universe:Manuscript census records for 1910 from counties with at least 10 percent of the population African-American (Negro, Black, or Mulatto) located in nine states where a large number of counties had at least this same proportion of African-Americans (Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas). The four states with the largest population of Blacks (South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia) were excluded from the over- sample because the 1/250 Public Use Sample (referred to above) provided sufficient cases for most analyses.

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