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National Health Interview Survey (NHIS), 1986 [United States]

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Access to Files:Data and Documentation
Title:National Health Interview Survey (NHIS), 1986 [United States]
Study Number:57
Catalog Date:05/06/1998
Primary Investigator(s):United States Department of Health and Human Services. National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS)
Access Restrictions:No
Abstract:The basic purpose of the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) is to obtain information about the amount and distribution of illness, its effects in terms of disability and chronic impairments, and the kinds of health services people receive. Household variables in this data collection include type of living quarters, size of family, number of families in household, and geographic region. Person variables include sex, age, race, marital status, veteran status, education, income, industry and occupation codes, and limits on activity. The Condition, Doctor Visit, and Hospital files contain information on each reported condition, two-week doctor visit, or hospitalization (twelve-month recall), respectively. Respondents for the Functional Limitations Supplement were persons age 65 and older. Questions concerned degree of difficulty in performing activities of daily living. For the Longest Job Worked Supplement, respondents were persons age 25 or older who had worked. Information obtained in this supplement determines the effects of a person's job on his or her health. Respondents for the Vitamin/Mineral Intake Supplement were sampled from those age 2-6 and those 18 or older. Proxies for the children and the adults themselves were asked questions to determine individual consumption of these nutrients and their effects on health. The Health and Dental Insurance Supplements include all the respondents, and have questions on Medicare and other types of health insurance coverage, reasons for visits to the dentist, use of fluorides, and other oral health practices.
Universe:Non-institutionalized civilian population of the United States and the District of Columbia from 1,900 geographically defined Primary Sampling Units (PSUs).

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