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Census of Population and Housing, 1940 [United States]: Public Use Sample: 1% Sample

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Access to Files:Data and Documentation
Title:Census of Population and Housing, 1940 [United States]: Public Use Sample: 1% Sample
Study Number:58
Catalog Date:05/06/1998
Primary Investigator(s):United States Department of Commerce. Bureau of the Census
Access Restrictions:No
Abstract:The 1940 Census Public Use Microdata Sample Project was assembled through a collaborative effort between the United States Bureau of the Census and the Center for Demography and Ecology at the University of Wisconsin. The collection contains a stratified 1-percent sample of households, with separate records for each household, for each ''sample line'' respondent, and for each person in the household. These records were encoded from microfilm copies of original handwritten enumeration schedules from the 1940 Census of Population. Geographic identification of the location of the sampled households includes Census regions and divisions, states (except Alaska and Hawaii), standard metropolitan areas (SMAs), and state economic areas (SEAs). Accompanying the data collection is a codebook that includes an abstract, descriptions of sample design, processing procedures and file structure, a data dictionary (record layout), category code lists, and a glossary. Also included is a procedural history of the 1940 Census. Each of the 20 subsamples contains three record types: household, sample line, and person. Household variables describe the location and condition of the household. The sample line records contain variables describing demographic characteristics such as nativity, marital status, number of children, veteran status, wage deductions for Social Security, and occupation. Person records also contain variables describing demographic characteristics including nativity, marital status, family membership, education, employment status, income, and occupation.
Universe:Stratified 1 percent (1/100) sample of households constructed from 20 independently-drawn sub-samples. Only households with a sample line person were included in the public use sample.

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