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Demographic and Health Surveys I, 1987-1989 [South Africa]

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Access to Files:Data and Documentation
Title:Demographic and Health Surveys I, 1987-1989 [South Africa]
Study Number:594
Catalog Date:03/06/2000
Primary Investigator(s):Human Sciences Research Council
Access Restrictions:Yes
Abstract:The questionnaire for this DHS were based on the USAID-DHS. The survey covers all four racial groups and includes women from all ten homelands,

The primary goal of this survey was to provide data on fertility, contraceptive use, fertility preferences, childhood mortality, utilization of pre-natal and child health services, breastfeeding practices and nuptiality patterns throughout South Africa. The study also collected additional information on women's work history, housing and sanitation and educational attainment. The study was intended as a source of demographic data for use by health departments, planners and policy makers. It was also to update and elaborate upon previous research on fertility and child health.

The 1987-1989 SADHS was not designed as a single survey, but consists of a series of 14 surveys based on race and geographical boundaries. Each of the ten homelands and the four population groups residing in the 'White' Republic of South Africa were surveyed independently, although a similar interview instrument was used for each survey. While this complicates methodological documentation, assessment and analysis, such a design accommodated the geo-political circumstances of South Africa. It also allowed for independent analysis for each geo-political are or race group since the sample sizes for each were sufficiently large to capture rare events.

This abstract is drawn from the following PSC dissertation: Kaufman, Carol. 1996. "The Politics and Practice of Reproductive Control in South Africa: A Multilevel Analysis of Fertility and Contraceptive Use."
Universe:Women between the ages of 12 and 49 who were currently in a union, had been in a union previously, had ever given birth to a child, or who were currently pregnant.

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