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Census of Population and Housing, 1990 [United States]: Public Law (P.L.) 94-171

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Access to Files:Data and Documentation
Title:Census of Population and Housing, 1990 [United States]: Public Law (P.L.) 94-171
Study Number:883
Catalog Date:01/08/2000
Primary Investigator(s):United States Department of Commerce. Bureau of the Census
Access Restrictions:No
Abstract:Public Law 94-171, enacted in 1975, requires the Census Bureau to provide redistricting data in a format requested by state governments. Within one year following the Decennial Census (by April 1, 1991), the Census Bureau must provide the governor and legislature of each state with the population data needed to redraw legislative districts. To meet this requirement, the Census Bureau established a voluntary program to allow states to receive data for voting districts (e.g., election precincts, city wards) in addition to standard census geographic areas such as counties, cities, census tracts, and blocks. These files contain data for voting districts for those counties for which a state outlined voting district boundaries around a set of census blocks on census maps, in accordance with the guidelines of the program. Each state file provides data for the state and its subareas in the following order: state, county, voting district, county subdivision, place, census tract, block group, and block. Additionally, complete summaries are provided for the following geographic areas: county subdivision, place, consolidated city, state portion of American Indian and Alaska Native area, and county portion of American Indian and Alaska Native area. Area characteristics such as land area, water area, latitude, and longitude are provided. Summary statistics are provided for all persons and housing units in the geographic areas. Counts by race and by Hispanic and non-Hispanic origin are also given.
Universe:All persons and housing units in the United States.

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