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Using the Data Services Catalog

We have several types of data we disseminate. Public data are available without any login. However, access to PSC-restricted and project-restricted data is limited to members of the PSC community or to a specific PSC research project. To gain access to these data one needs to either login form the catalog page or during the download process.

Once a user has entered a search query, all studies that meet the criteria are listed. Clicking on the specific study title displays the bibliographic record. At top of the bibliographic record is a link to the data and on-line documentation.

The data and documentation page displays the path and filename information for unix users and provides a live link to the data and documentation for PC users. If the data are public there will be no prompt for a login and password. However, if the data are not public, the user will be prompted for a login.

Access restrictions are also indicated by a warning near the top of the access page.

Users will login with their unique name and kerberos password.Once the user has been logged in successfully, access to the files will be granted.

Additional Information

We are not yet disseminating project-specific data via the web browser. We are in the process of verifying the user population for each of the project-restricted files.

Highly restricted data (HRS security data, PSID geocode data, etc.) will never be distributed via the web browser

Our intention is for all the PSC user community to have full and easy access to data. Feel free to pass on any suggestions to us.

We can provide web access to your collaborators. Please contact us.

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