Provider: Health and Retirement Study

Publication: Disclosure conditions

Language from Contract:
4. Aggregate statistical summaries of the data and analyses (frequency tabulations, magnitude tabulations, means, variances, regression coefficients, and correlation coefficients) are not considered to be Restricted Data. Such information may be freely published by the Investigator and may be used for ongoing research programs approved under this agreement. When producing tabulations for distribution, the following guidelines are to be employed:

*Magnitude Data: Ensure that no cells/strata with n < 3 are produced.

*Frequency Data: Apply a marginal threshold of n >= 5 and cell threshold of n >= 3 to all tabulations.

*Protecting against complementary disclosure:
Additional cells may be suppressed, i.e., complementary disclosure, to make sure the primary suppressions cannot be derived by subtraction from published marginal totals.

5. Researchers are prohibited from publishing results that identify geographic areas below the level of Census Division. Under certain circumstances re-stricted data users with access to state-level geographic information may wish to report state level summary information. In such cases, analysis results must be submitted to the Health and Retirement Study for review and approval prior to presentation or publication.