Provider: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Data Use: No redistribution of data

Language from Contract:
VII. A. In its discretion, the BLS may designate agents authorized to carry out activities subject to this agreement. No agent designations shall become effective unless approved by the Commissioner of the BLS or his designee and until an agent agreement satisfactory to the BLS is signed by the agent candidate and by the Commissioner or his designee. At the present time, it is contemplated by the parties that only the following persons will be designated as agents: (list names of agents)

VII. B. The BLS may revoke an agent agreement at any time and without advance notice. The recipient may, from time to time, request that additional agents be designated by the BLS or that a current agent agreement be revoked. The recipient shall notify the BLS Project Coordinator whenever an agent is no longer associated with the recipient or where the continuation of an agent arrangement may endanger the confidentiality of data.