Provider: China Health and Nutrition Survey

Data Use: No redistribution of data

Language from Contract:
B. The researcher will not share these confidential data with anyone whose name does not appear in document 2 referred to in article K, below.
"Sharing" includes not only providing data as received from CHNS staff, but also providing secondary information obtained from the confidential data. This is not meant to hinder publication of the results of analyzing confidential data, but publication must not risk the violation of respondents' anonymity. The researcher must attest that he/she will not disseminate these CHNS confidential data to anyone not listed as a member of his/her research team and included in his/her IRB application. These persons must be at the same institution. Under no terms can data be shared with scholars at other institutions without their also following similar procedures. In other words, sharing is allowed only at the institution whose human protections form and signature are provided by the applicant researcher(s).