Provider: Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research

Inspections & Penalties: Penalty

Language from Contract:
VII. A. The Institution will treat allegations by ICPSR or other parties of violations of this Agreement as allegations of violations of its policies and procedures on scientific integrity and misconduct. If the allegations are confirmed, the Institution will treat the violations as
it would violations of the explicit terms of its policies on scientific integrity and misconduct.

B. In the event Investigator or Institution breaches any provision of this Agreement, they shall be jointly and severally responsible to promptly cure the breach and mitigate any damages. Investigator and Institution hereby acknowledge that any breach of the confidentiality
provisions herein may result in irreparable harm to ICPSR not adequately compensable by money damages. Investigator and Institution hereby acknowledge the possibility of injunctive relief in the event of breach, In addition to money damages. In addition, ICPSR may:

1. Terminate this Agreement upon notice and require return of the Confidential Data and any derivatives thereof;

2. Deny Investigator future access to Confidential Data; and/or

3. Report the inappropriate use or disclosure to the appropriate federal and private agencies or foundations that fund scientific and public policy research.