Provider: Health and Retirement Study

Inspections & Penalties: Penalty

Language from Contract:
21. The Receiving Agency represents that it has in place policies and procedures on scientific integrity and misconduct. The Receiving Agency recognizes that certain violations of this agreement might constitute actions covered by such policies and procedures. If the HRS notifies the Receiving Organization's office responsible for scientific misconduct that a violation of this agreement has occurred and alleges that the violation constitutes scientific misconduct, the Receiving Organization will handle the allegation according to its policies and procedures applicable to scientific integrity and misconduct.

24. If HRS determines that this Agreement has been violated, HRS may:

a. prohibit any of the signatories of this Agreement, and of any Supplemental Agreements with Research Staff, from obtaining access to any HRS Restricted Data.

b. report the violation(s) to the Receiving Agency's office responsible for Code of Conduct on the safeguard of confidential information, and request that sanctions be imposed on the person(s) responsible for the violations.

c. report (directly or through the National Institute on Aging) the violation(s) to funding agencies with a recommendation that current funding be terminated, and future funding denied, to the Investigator(s), the Research Staff, and any other person implicated in the violation(s).

d. utilize such other remedies as may be available to it under law