Provider: Health and Retirement Study

Extras Administration: Annual/progress report required

Language from Contract:
15.a-g The Investigator(s) will provide annually within 30calendar days of the anniversary of this agreement the following:
a. Project title, Investigator(s), and current contact information
b. Progress report, including a summary of current work, project titles, and brief justification for continued access to the data
c. Detail of changes or modifications in the research and/or data protection plans
d. Copy of and citations for any papers, publications or presentations using the restricted data
e. Proof of current IRB approval for projects using restricted data, which must be renewed annually. Note that only Full or Expedited IRB reviews are acceptable. Projects using restricted data do not qualify for IRB Exemption as secondary data analysis.
f. Updated list of authorized users under this agreement. A new Supplemental User Agreement must be completed and signed for each new user. List should include access termination dates for those no longer requiring access to the restricted data.
g. A detailed description of the location(s) of the restricted data users and the data itself - including street address, building number and office number(s).