Provider: Los Angeles Family and Neighborhood Study

Legal Details: FOIA or other legal data request

Language from Contract:
B.4. Under no circumstances will the Investigator use or disclose the Restricted Data for any purpose not stated in the Research Plan, including but not limited to any administrative or law enforcement purpose pursuant to a Certificate of Confidentiality, which is attached to this agreement as Exhibit D.

G.1. In the event that one of the Receiving Parties is served with a subpoena or other legal process that seeks disclosure of the Restricted Data, they shall promptly give written notice to RAND to enable RAND to seek a protective order. The Receiving Parties will fully cooperate with any attempt by RAND to seek such a protective order, including but not limited to withholding from production any data before RAND has had an opportunity to obtain such an order or to seek review of the denial of such an order or the issuance of an order that RAND deems insufficiently protective.