Provider: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Legal Details: Data Breach

Language from Contract:
13. The User agrees that in the event CMS determines or has a reasonable belief that the User has made or may have made a use, reuse or disclosure of the aforesaid file(s) that is not authorized by this Agreement or another written authorization from the appropriate System Manager or the person designated in section 20 of this Agreement, CMS, at its sole discretion, may require the User to: (a) promptly investigate and report to CMS the User's determinations regarding any alleged or actual unauthorized use, reuse or disclosure, (b) promptly resolve any problems identified by the investigation; (c) if requested by CMS, submit a formal response to an allegation of unauthorized use, reuse or disclosure; (d) if requested by CMS, submit a corrective action plan with steps designed to prevent any future unauthorized uses, reuses or disclosures; and (e) if requested by CMS, return data files to CMS or destroy the data files it received from CMS under this agreement. The User understands that as a result of CMS's determination or reasonable belief that unauthorized uses, reuses or disclosures have taken place, CMS may refuse to release further CMS data to the User for a period of time to be determined by CMS.

The User agrees to report any breach of personally identifiable information (PII) from the CMS data file(s), loss of these data or disclosure to any unauthorized persons to the CMS Action Desk by telephone at (410) 786-2850 or by e-mail notification at within one hour and to cooperate fully in the federal security incident process. While CMS retains all ownership rights to the data file(s), as outlined above, the User shall bear the cost and liability for any breaches of PII from the data file(s) while they are entrusted to the User. Furthermore, if CMS determines that the risk of harm requires notification of affected individual persons of the security breach and/or other remedies, the User agrees to carry out these remedies without cost to CMS.