Provider: The National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health

Data Use: Work files to be destroyed periodically

Language from Contract:
Referenced in the data protection plan (Attachment A question #3) found at

3. Only one complete copy of the Add Health data is permitted; however, time-delimited temporary data analysis files may be created. Temporary data analysis file(s) must be deleted every six months and recreated, as necessary, to complete analysis. Temporary data analysis files should be deleted upon completion of a project.

Close-out instructions say that a constructed variable file can be created, which doesn't have to be deleted every 6 months:

You can create a constructed variable file that contains variables that you've created without the original data components and it doesn't have to be deleted every six months.


Detail: Not in the contract, but in the Data Protection plan (Attachment A, question #3), which is referenced in the contract.