Provider: Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research/Collaborative Psychiatric Epidemiology Surveys

Inspections & Penalties: Penalty

Language from Contract:
29. If ICPSR determines that any aspect of this agreement has been violated, ICPSR may invoke these sanctions as it deems appropriate:

- Denial of all future access to restricted data files
-Report of the violation to the researcher's institution's office responsible for scientific integrity and misconduct, with a request that the institution's sanctions for misconduct be imposed

- Report of the violation to appropriate federal and private agencies or foundations that fund scientific and public policy research, with a recommendation that all current research funds be terminated, that future funding be denied to the investigator(s) and to all other persons involved in the violation, and that access to other restricted data be denied in the future

- Such other remedies that may be available to ICPSR under law or equity, including injunctive relief.