Provider: New Immigrant Survey

Extras Administration: Investigator requirements

Language from Contract:
I.2 Investigator - The person primarily responsible for analysis and other use of restricted data obtained through this agreement. The Investigator must hold a faculty appointment or research position at the Receiving Institution and assumes all responsibility for compliance with all terms of this License by employee of the Receiving Institution.

III. A-C. The Investigator represents and warrants that:
A. The Investigator has permanent, faculty appointments or faculty-equivalent research appointments at the Receiving Institution. "Permanent" in this agreement means a full time employment throughout the course of the proposed project.
B. All research staff signing the Supplemental Agreement with Research Staff have a formal affiliation (i.e. employee, currently enrolled student, etc.) with the Receiving Institution and with the research project described in the Research Plan, and will have access to Restricted Data only under the supervision of the Investigator and subject to the terms of the Restricted Data Protection Plan.
C. Only for Restricted Data Version 2: The Investigator has a current federally funded research grant or contract that has been provided to NIS.