Provider: National Center for Education Statistics

Extras Administration: Investigator requirements

Language from Contract:
II.A. There are four categories of individuals that the Licensee may authorize to have access to subject data. The four categories of individuals are as follows:
1. The Principal Project Officer (PPO) is the most senior officer in charge of the day-to-day operations involving the use of subject data and is responsible for liaison with IES.
2. Professional/Technical Staff (P/TS) conduct the research for which this license was issued.
3. Support staff includes secretaries, typists, computer technicians, messengers, etc. Licensee may disclose subject data to support staff who come in contact with the subject data in course of their duties only to the extent necessary to support the research under this license.
4. An independent researcher is an individual who has satisfied the requirements specified in paragraph II.C. of this license.