Provider: Bureau of Labor Statistics

Publication: Pre-review required

Language from Contract:
VII.M. For this NLSY Geocode LOA, in addition to any required submission under VII. L, the BLS Project Coordinator may require the submission for BLS review of any research output from the project intended for release or publication. The scope of this review will be solely to determine compliance with CIPSEA and the Privacy Act, and to ensure adherence to the confidentiality and security provisions established under Sections VII and VIII of this agreement. BLS will notify the Recipient Project Coordinator within three months of the execution of this agreement if research outputs will need to be submitted for review. However, BLS reserves the right to require submission of research outputs at any time if BLS, in its sole discretion, believes a violation of this agreement may have occurred. BLS will complete its review of outputs and notify the Recipient Project Coordinator as soon as possible, not to exceed sixty (60) days after receipt. Agents may not disseminate research outputs until BLS has completed its review and a written authorization has been provided to the Recipient Project Coordinator. The recipient and designated agents will be bound by the determinations of the BLS Project Coordinator.