Provider: The National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health

Extras Administration: Annual/progress report required

Language from Contract:
O.1-6 To submit annual reports to Add Health on or before each anniversary of the initial date of the Agreement Period. Such reports must include:
1. A copy of the annual IRB approval for the research project
2. A list of public presentations at professional meetings using results based on the Data Files
3. A list of papers accepted for publication using these Data Files, with complete citations and PMCIDs
4. A list of grants that have been awarded for use of the Add Health Data Files
5. A list of graduate students using the Add Health Data Files for dissertations or theses, the titles of these papers, and the dates of completion
6. A current data user roster including the names of all research staff member(s) who have access to Data Files and their relationship(s) to the project