Provider: China Health and Nutrition Survey

Publication: Disclosure conditions

Language from Contract:
F. The researcher will not release nor permit others to release any information that identifies individuals, households, or communities, directly or indirectly.

H. The researcher will not attempt to use nor permit others to use the datasets to learn the identity of any individual, household, or community included in any CHNS dataset.

J. To avoid inadvertent disclosure of individuals, households, or communities, the following guidelines will be used in the release of statistics derived from the data files.
1. In no case should all records in any row or column be found in a single cell.
2. In no case should the total for a row or column of a cross tabulation be fewer than three records.
3. In no case should a cell frequency of a cross tabulation be fewer than three records.
4. In no case should a quantity figure be based on fewer than three records.
5. Data released should never permit disclosure when used in combination with other known data.

I. The researcher will not use or permit others to use the data concerning individuals, households, or communities . . . . (2) to report data that could identify, directly or by inference, individuals, households, or communities.