Provider: California Cancer Registry

Data Use: No redistribution of data

Language from Contract:
6. The Principal Investigator and members of his/her research team with a need to
know may have access to the CCR data. The Recipient Institution may grant access to the CCR data to other persons to carry out a specific assignment on behalf of the Recipient Institution, which is directly related to the use for which disclosure was granted. Persons seeking access must provide information sufficient to justify the request. The individual must sign an agreement to maintain the confidentiality of the data. Recipient Institution may use the CCR's Agreement for Access to CCR Data form (available at or a comparable agreement for this purpose. Recipient Institution must maintain a list with the following information: name of the person authorizing access, name, title, address, and organizational affiliation of the persons granted access, dates of access (which may cover a prospective period not to exceed one year), and the specific purpose for which the CCR data will be used. A copy of the list must be provided annually to the CCR Data Custodian. Except as provided in this paragraph, Recipient Institution agrees not to grant access to the CCR data to any person, nor shall it permit persons to whom it has granted access to authorize others to have access to the CCR data.