Provider: California Cancer Registry

Extras Administration: Expiration: Date or Length in DUA

Language from Contract:
7. Except as expressly authorized by paragraph 9 of this Confidentiality Agreement, Recipient Institution agrees not to disclose any part of the CCR data, whether or not it explicitly or implicitly identifies individuals, to any person or institution, not to copy or reproduce the CCR data in whole or in part (except as an institutional program of backup for disaster recovery or as a necessary condition of the research project), in any format or medium, and not to permit others to disclose or reproduce the CCR data. If Recipient Institution has a legitimate justification for sharing CCR data with another institution, e.g. as part of a collaborative research project, the Recipient Institution must obtain approval for this re-disclosure of the CCR data from the Chief, Cancer Surveillance and Research Branch, California Department of Public Health.