Provider: California Cancer Registry

Legal Details: FOIA or other legal data request

Language from Contract:
10. Pursuant of the California Health and Safety Code section 103885, Recipient Institution and Principal Investigator shall not grant access to, disclose, admit, produce or otherwise make available any part of the CCR data in any civil, criminal, administrative, or other tribunal or court proceeding, whether voluntarily or under •compulsion. Recipient Institution and Principal Investigator shall immediately notify the CCR Data Custodian and the Chief, Cancer Surveillance and Research Branch, California Department of Public Health by telephone and fax of the receipt of any subpoena, discovery request, court order, search warrant or other form of compulsory legal process or threat of compulsory legal process in which CCR data and/or documents, data files or other materials containing CCR data are sought to be produced or examined. Recipient Institution shall immediately take all necessary legal action to oppose and resist any such compulsory legal process, e.g. file a motion to quash or written objections to a subpoena, or file written objections to a discovery request and opposition to a motion to compel.