Provider: California Cancer Registry

Extras Administration: IRB required

Language from Contract:
11. If the proposed use is for research, Recipient Institution certifies that it has obtained approval for the proposed use from the Recipient Institution's committee for the protection of human subjects established in accordance with part 46 (commencing with section 46.101) of title 45 of the Code of Federal Regulations, and that they will carry out the proposed use in accordance with such approval, except that the terms Version 05.1 and conditions of this confidentiality agreement shall take precedence. Principal Investigator agrees to provide documentation of initial IRB approval and any renewals. If the proposed research involves patient contact based on information received from CCR, the Recipient Institution agrees to follow the special requirements required by CCR for patient contact studies including approval for the proposed use from the California Committee for Protection of Human Subjects (Section V. 6. c. Policies and Procedures).