Provider: Georgia: Vital Stats

Data Use: Data used for statistical purposes

Language from Contract:
A. Requirements for Use: Legitimate public health purpose means a population-based activity or individual effort primarily aimed at . . . (b) developing public health policy (c) Research Use. A public health agency or official may use protected health information for public health, epidemiological, medical, or health services research provided that:
(1) it is not feasible to obtain the consent of the individual who is the subject of the information;
(2)identifiable information is necessary for the effectiveness of the research project;
(3) the minimum amount of information necessary to conduct the research is used;
(4) the research utilizing the protected health information will likely contribute to achieving a legitimate public health purpose; and
(5) the information is made non-identifiable at the earliest opportunity consistent with the purposes of the research and expunged after the conclusion of the project.