Provider: National Association of Insurance Commissioners

Data Use: No redistribution of data

Language from Contract:
6. Licensee agrees that the data provided by Licensor is the exclusive copyrighted property of Licensor containing valuable proprietary interests of Licensor. Licensee shall not provide a copy, regardless of media, of any data received from Licensor to any party, except its officers of employees in the furtherance of Licensee's regular business. Licensee further agrees not to remarket, sell, publish or commercially exploit the data, in whole or in part, or to download or reproduce the data in substantially the same form as provided to Licensee by Licensor for resale or redistribution to any third party.

8. Licensee agrees that neither this Agreement nor any of the rights granted herunder shall be transerable or assignable to any other party without the express prior written permission of Licensor.