Provider: National Association of Insurance Commissioners

Publication: Disclaimer language

Language from Contract:
6. . . . all data obtained from Licensor, when and wherever used or referenced, shall be readily and exclusively identified by one appropriate footnote in the following form: "Data Source: National Association of Insurance Commissioners by Permission. The NAIC does not endorse any analysis or conclusions based upon the use of its data."

. . . . Licensee agrees that if the ata provided by the Licensor is manipulated or intermingled with data from other sources, such manipulation or intermingly as well as the person or entity responsible for the mainpulation or intermingling shall be disclosed in any presentation of the data. Any results or conclusions drawn from the data manipulation or intermingling shall not be presented as NAIC information. This restriction shall include, but not be limited to, Licensor's calculation of NAIC promulgated Insurance Regulatory Information System (IRIS) ratios with data provided by the NAIC.