Provider: Mutli-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis

Data Use: No redistribution of data

Language from Contract:
4. Non-transferability.
4.1 Recipient and Recipient's PI agree that substantive changes made to the Research Project, and/or appointment by Recipient of another Principal Investigator and/or transfer of Recipient's PI to another institution or other entity to complete the Research Project, require execution of a separate DMDA. Except as provided in section 4.2 below, Recipient may not distribute Data or Materials to any other individual or entity, regardless of the intended use of such Data or Materials. However, nothing in this section precludes Recipient from publishing results of the Research Project through the usual channels of scientific publication.

4.2 Recipient and Recipient's PI may transfer or cause to be transferred Materials to an institution or institutions or other entities not affiliated with Recipient but with which Recipient has either a fee-for-service or subcontract agreement or specific authorization from the NHLBI for performance of assays and/or genetic analyses for the Research Project as identified in section 3.2. A separate DMDA is not required if the derived data are either returned to the Recipient and Recipient's PI or are deposited for Recipient and Recipient's PI in a publicly accessible database authorized by the NHLBI upon completion of the assays. No Data are to be provided to such institutions or other entities unless a separate DMDA has been approved by MESA and NHLBI.

12. No Distribution; Avoidance of Waste. Recipient and Recipient's PI agree to retain control over Data, Materials and their progeny, and derivatives thereof. Recipient and Recipient's PI further agree not to transfer Data, Materials and their progeny, and derivatives thereof, with or without charge, to any other entity or individual, except for Data and/or Materials as provided for in section 4.2 above. Recipient and Recipient's PI agree to make reasonable efforts to avoid contamination or waste of Materials.