Provider: National Death Index

Inspections & Penalties: Penalty

Language from Contract:
E. NCHS obtains death record information via contracts with the state vital statistics offices. These contracts contain specific restrictions on the use of the information by the NDI and by the NDI Plus service (which gives NDI users cause of death codes). By providing NCHS with these assurances, I understand that I am also providing the same assurances to the state vital statistics offices. Violation of the terms and conditions of this Agreement may subject the organization/researcher to immediate abrogation of the Agreement by NCHS, the requirement of the return of all NDI data and related materials, and denial of future use of the NDI. Violation of the terms of the Agreement may also be a violation of Federal criminal law under 18 U.S.C. Section 1001. NCHS will pursue all legal remedies in the event of unauthorized disclosure of identifiable information from NDI data. Violation of the terms of the Agreement are also subject to state legal remedies.