Data Contract Condition Language for:
Displaced New Orleans Residents Survey

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January 23, 2018, 3:14 am

Data Use

Data used for statistical purposes

DNORPS Restricted Use data will only be used for scientific research and aggregate statistical reporting.

No attempt whatsoever will be made to determine the identity of participants in the DNORPS.

No re-identification

No attempt whatsoever will be made to determine the identity of participants in the DNORS.

No redistribution of data

The DNORPS Restricted Use data or derived files will not be transferred to anyone else other than co-investigators, staff members, and students working
directly under the Restricted Data Investigator's supervision.

Training & Awareness

You agree to insure that anyone working with the restricted data you downloaded follows these rules in their use of the data.


Cite/acknowledge data

Acknowledge RAND and RGSPI as the source of the DNORPS in all presentations, reports, and publications based on these data. The acknowledgement should substantially follow the following form: "This research is based on data from the Displaced New Orleans Residents Pilot Study conducted by the RAND Corporation."

Disclosure conditions

No tables will be presented or published with individual cell counts below five (5) cases.

Legal Details

Inadvertent Discovery

If the identity of any individual, household, or community is discovered inadvertently by you or by someone working with you, then you agree to the following:

1. No use will be made of this knowledge;
2. RAND will be advised of the incident immediately at;
3. You will destroy or safeguard the information that would identify an individual as requested by RAND; and
4. You will not inform anyone else of the discovered identity or methods you used to discover this identity

Extras Administration

Annual/progress report required

An annual report is not required, but researchers must provide citation information:

Citations for any papers, articles, books, working papers, presentations at professional meetings or onferences, or other publications that used the DNORPS data will be provided to the DNORPS project by e-mail ( We also ask that you send us copies of these ublications. Electronic copies are preferred, although hard copies are accepted (contact us at for our mailing address).

Investigator requirements

Part of application materials: To apply for DNORPS Restricted Data, researchers must have permanent faculty appointments or faculty-equivalent research appointments at their institution.

Return/destroy media

DNORPS Restricted Use data files and any derived data files will be destroyed if
requested by RAND.