Data Contract Condition Language for:
Department of Community Health - Michigan

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November 23, 2017, 10:49 pm

Data Use

Data used for statistical purposes

2. That these data are confidential. Information that would permit identification of a particular individual or establishment therein described, either directly or indirectly will be carefully restricted to only those persons working directly on this project.

No administrative uses of data

2. That these data are confidential. . . . Furthermore, the identifiable information will not be used as a basis for legal, administrative, or other actions which may affect those particular individuals or establishments as a result of their specific identification in this project.

No re-identification

3. That though the data to be provided will not contain any direct identifiers such as name or address, the data files are of sufficient detail that it is feasible to re-identify individual cases. Accordingly, to assure individual privacy of the families of individuals, no attempt, either manually or statistically, will be made to determine the identity of any specific individuals within the data files.

No redistribution of data

4. . . . . Data files will not be copied for retention or resold or otherwise provided to another person or agency. . . .

Stick to original research plan

1. That the vital records data obtained from the Michigan Department of Community Health will be used only in regard to research work outlined in the application for access to these data.


No case listings in publications

4. . . . No data will be published or released in any form that would permit identification of a particularly individual or establishment therein described.

Inspections & Penalties


Misuse of confidential vital records information is punishable by imprisonment or fine or both (MCL 333.2898) while unauthorized release of confidential information from a medical research project is punishable by imprisonment or fine or both (MCL 333.2638).

Extras Administration

IRB required

Application process includes IRB approval by MDCH.

Return/destroy media

4. . . . Data files . . . will be returned to the Michigan Department of Community Health upon completion of processing.

5. That all identifiable and potentially identifiable information will be held confidential and will be processed and disposed when no longer necessary for this research so as to insure these data are not accessed inappropriately.