Data Contract Condition Language for:
Non-Disclosure Agreement

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November 22, 2017, 4:07 am

Data Use

Data used for statistical purposes

4. The Recipient shall only use the Data for teaching or not-for-profit research purposes.

No re-identification

3. . . . nor will the Recipient attempt to establish the identity of the subjects of the Data.

No redistribution of data

5. 1. The Recipient shall not further distribute the Data to any other party without the University's written consent. The Recipient shall refer any requests for the Data to the University upon receipt of request.


Cite/acknowledge data

7. In all publications reporting the use of the Data, the Recipient agrees to acknowledge the University as the source of the Data.

Joint ownership of publication

7. . . . . It is assumed, unless otherwise negotiated specifically in advance, that University researchers will participate as scientific collaborators and coauthors on any papers produced from the data. The University researchers may elect to waive their claim of authorship and elect to be recognized in an acknowledgment note.

Extras Administration

Administrative fee for data

11. 1. The Data is provided at an optional transmittal fee solely to reimburse the University for its preparation and distribution costs. The transmittal fee is: $0.00

Contract length and/or extension

12. Termination
a. a. This agreement will be scheduled to expire every two years from the date of signature.

12. Termination
a. This agreement will be scheduled to expire every [blank] years from the date of the signature.

Return/destroy media

12. Termination
c. In the event of Termination, the Recipient agrees that any Data it receives from the University shall be returned to the University not later than 90 days following notice of termination and the Recipient shall certify that no copies of the Data have been retained. Data communicated in electronic form will be deleted or destroyed within 90 days following notice of termination.

Signer has authority to bind university

15. Unless otherwise specifically provided, this Agreement embodies the entire understanding between the University and the Recipient for this project, and any prior or contemporaneous representations, either oral or written, are superseded. No amendments or changes to this Agreement, including without limitation, changes in the statement of work, total estimated cost, and period of performance, shall be effective unless made in writing and signed by authorized representatives of the parties.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have executed this Agreement in duplicate by proper persons duly authorized: