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Georgia: Vital Stats

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November 20, 2017, 10:21 am

Data Use

Data used for statistical purposes

A. Requirements for Use: Legitimate public health purpose means a population-based activity or individual effort primarily aimed at . . . (b) developing public health policy (c) Research Use. A public health agency or official may use protected health information for public health, epidemiological, medical, or health services research provided that:
(1) it is not feasible to obtain the consent of the individual who is the subject of the information;
(2)identifiable information is necessary for the effectiveness of the research project;
(3) the minimum amount of information necessary to conduct the research is used;
(4) the research utilizing the protected health information will likely contribute to achieving a legitimate public health purpose; and
(5) the information is made non-identifiable at the earliest opportunity consistent with the purposes of the research and expunged after the conclusion of the project.

Stick to original research plan

B. Data Use Policy
All requests should be accompanied by a one-page proposal outlining the objectives, design and analysis of the research. . . For those investigators who may have prior access to the data from another project, no new project of any kind may be performed without prior approval. The Department of Public Health (hereafter, "DPH") will attempt to approval all projects within three weeks, but provision of new data sets may take a substantially longer time.


Joint ownership of publication

B: Data Use Policy
Before release of the data, the researcher(s) and DPH should discuss and agree upon authorship and responsibilities of authorship. The primary author should sign this authorship agreement that includes authorship, role of authors, rules of communication and essentials.

Mutual Benefit:Share variables/give talk

B. Data Use Policy
After project completion, the researcher(s) agree to at least one presentation of the data to interested people at DPH before publication.

Depending on the nature of the project proposed, the DPH may request additional services of the investigator to assume program benefit to DPT. DPH will make such requests in advance before approval of the request to receive data.

Pre-review required

B. Data Use Policy
Before submission for publication or other distribution, DPH shall receive a copy for review and comment. DPH must be given at least three weeks for comment.


Security plan incorporated by reference

B. Data Use Policy
Security measures that must be addressed are listed in the DUA. The specific security plan is part of the application.

Extras Administration

Annual/progress report required

IRB required

B. Data Use Policy
All data released outside DPH should be de-identified or have received IRB approval from DPH. IRB approval/exemption through the requesting agency or other IRB agreed to by DPH will greatly expedite the approval process, and may waive the need for Georgia Department of Health IRB application.

Return/destroy media

B. Data Use Policy
All requests should be accompanied . . . and steps to return or destroy the original and subsequently created data sets. Assurances of confidentiality and ultimate elimination of the data are the responsibility of the requesting agency and assurances are to be provided by that agency.