Demographic Software

Multistate Life Tables (MSLT)
Self extracting archived file containing two executable versions of the program, sample data and command files, postscript version of supporting documentation, and update notes.
DOS executable (147,012 bytes)
MSLT Documentation
Survival 6.0 Life Table Program
Computes most life tables used in social sciences and medicine, with comprehensive statistical testing of differences between tables and projection of future mortality by extrapolation from past mortality changes. Documentation included in zip file.
DOS zip file (757,629 bytes)
Population Analysis Spreadsheets (PAS)
The PAS are spreadsheets for performing calculations frequently made while analyzing population data in developing countries. Supporting documentation housed by the data archive group and orderable from the International Programs Center.
Link to PAS download (1,038,718 bytes)
Epi Info - Epidemiology Program Office
Epi Info is a series of microcomputer programs for word processing, data management and epidemiologic analysis, designed for public health professionals. Epi Info is easy to use, but also offers programming languages for both data input and analysis so that permanent health information systems can be developed.
Link to Epi Info download
The SOCSIM Program
SOCSIM is a demographic computer microsimulation program developed by Eugene A. Hammel and Kenneth Wachter over the years since 1970. It has been applied to a variety of problems in family demography, aging, kinship, anthropological, and historical demography.
Description of SOCSIM

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