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Purpose: This program takes a data set as input and divides it into a maximum of 99 subfiles. Its main purpose is to allow one to write out a large data set from UNIX to a multi-volume external device.

To run, enter: divide a b c d


For example, to divide up the 1990 STF3C data into four subfiles enter:

divide 3c_dat 5000 19900 16200

The result will be a file 3c_dat.01 of 5000 records, file 3c_dat.02 of 5000 records, file 3c_dat.03 of 5000 records, and file 3c_dat.04 of 1200 records.


  1. To run in the background, add an ampersand to the run statement:

    divide 3c_dat 5000 19900 16200 &

  2. If data are compressed, the data can be piped in from a decompression program. You will need to use the dividecomp version of the utility to do this.

    zcat /usr/pops/d3/stf/1990/3c/3c_dat.Z | dividecomp 5000 19900 16200 &