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I’m interested in putting in two small grant proposals over the next few weeks – and both will be completely secondary data analysis – one of the data sets (MIDUS) is available through ICPSR and the other is the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study, which is publicly available.

What is the UM policy on public use data and IRBs?


Congratulations. You are our first researcher that gets to take advantage of this policy. Here's the Research Reporter language:


We also have a web page that describes the UM IRB policy as well as an FAQ page:

http://www.psc.isr.umich.edu/dis/data/ref/research-ethics.html#umPolicies http://www.psc.isr.umich.edu/dis/data/ref/bound.html

For your specific question, ICPSR does not disseminate the WLS data. Thus, you need to go through IRB approval for use of these data, even though they are in the public domain.

If you know of some other public data that you would like to use that is not disseminated by ICPSR or the specific government agencies that UM includes in their approved dissemination group, we can help you with the pre-submission process. This will benefit any UM user.

Notice that right now, HRS and the National Election Studies are approved for use at UM, even though neither is disseminated by ICPSR.

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