Do you know if the 1960 census asks the same ‘where did you live 5 years ago’ question that was asked in 1970-2000?


The answer is pretty much yes. The details are provided from the IPUMS site:

Here are the actual questions and answer choices from the 1960 census:

P12. When did this person move into this house (or apartment)?  
         (Check date of last move)  

In 1959 or 1960  
In 1958  
In 1957  
April 1955 to December 1956  
January 1954 to March 1955  
1950 to 1953  
1940 to 1949  
Always lived here  

P13. Did he live in this house on April 1, 1955?  
         (Answer 1, 2, or 3)  
        1. Born April 1955 or later  
        2. Yes, this house  
        3.  No, different house  
              Where did he live on April 1, 1955  
             a. City or town _________________  
             b. If city or town did he live inside city limits? (Yes/No)  
             c. County ________________  
                 AND state, foreign county, U.S. possession ___________

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