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How does one find all of their STATA files in a particular space?


It is best to do this from the DOS prompt using the NDIR command. The first step is to get to your work space through DOS. Once in the appropriate area, submit the NDIR command that will search for specific file extentions. The following is an example searching out STATA data files with the .dta extention. The closing /S in the command will send it into sub-directories.

T:\sb>ndir  *.DTA  /s

Files            = Files contained in this path
Size             = Number of bytes in the file
Last Update      = Date file was last updated
Owner            = ID of user who created or copied the file

Files                      Size Last Update     Owner
----------------- ------------- --------------- -------------------------
NEARTO~1.DTA    o        13,360  3/29/06  2:25p sbriske
TNEART~1.DTA    o        13,262  3/29/06  2:27p sbriske

        26,622  bytes (32,768  bytes in 8 blocks allocated)
             2  Files

Files                      Size Last Update     Owner
----------------- ------------- --------------- -------------------------
EXAMFAC2.DTA    o        59,994  9/07/00  4:59p sbriske
EXAMPFAC.DTA    o        59,994  8/29/00  1:09p sbriske
EXAMPRO.DTA     o        31,578  8/31/00  6:41p sbriske

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