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Workshops and Instruction Resources

  1. MicrOsiris Statistical Analysis and Data Management Software (Freeware)
  2. Census 2010 Boot Camp for Journalists
  3. Census Boot Camp Refresher Webinar
  4. Center for Statistical Consultation and Research (CSCAR)
  5. CSCAR: Spatial Analysis & GIS
  6. Finding Resources from within Stata
  7. GIS at The Center for Statistical Consultation and Research
  8. Google Earth KML Tutorial
  9. How to Compute Characteristics at the Zip Code Level
  10. Introduction to Stata
  11. Map Making Tutorial
  12. Poverty Workshop 2009
  13. Poverty Workshop 2010
  14. Reading Compressed Data with Stata
  15. Resources to help you learn and use Stata
  16. Running SPSS on Unix
  17. SAS Coding Examples
  18. SAS Technical Support
  19. SAS User's Guide (CFDR)
  20. SAS User's Guide to Stata (Carolina Population Center)
  21. Stata FAQ
  22. Stata listserv
  23. Stata Quick Reference for Data Types
  24. Stata Tutorial (Princeton University)
  25. Stata User Guide