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Consolidated Federal Funds Report

a PSC Data Resource

Resource Source:U.S. Census Bureau


Data are obtained on the amount of virtually all Federal expenditures, including grants, loans, direct payments, insurance, procurement, salaries and wages and other awards (such as price supports and research awards). Data represent actual expenditures (or outlays)


Tabulations by state and outlying area include subtotals by Federal agency, type of expenditure program, per capita expenditure and a historical summary. There is also a table, which provides state, outlying area, and county area totals for major expenditure categories.

The data can be used to measure and assess Federal expenditures in state and sub-state areas. These analysts use the data on an expenditure basis for studies that evaluate Federal revenues from state areas versus Federal expenditure to those areas.


Data and Documentation (Source: U.S. Census Bureau)

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