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USA Spending - Government Spending at your fingertips

a PSC Data Resource

Resource Source:Office of Management and Budget


This website was lunched after the passage of the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA) of 2006. The legislation called on OMB to create a free, public, and searchable website providing detailed information on federal awards, including recipients, locations, amounts, and types of awards.


The new website, at www.usaspending.gov, offers three primary ways of viewing and analyzing data. The Summaries tool offers an overview of federal spending by agency, recipient, or by state, and allows users to filter by spending type and year. Selecting an individual state displays state-level data on the largest awards in a given year; the top contractors, recipients, and agencies; the top products or services sold; and other summary information.

The Trends tool allows the user to explore spending over time, with information dating back to FY 2000. Data may be filtered by states and congressional districts (both vendor and place of performance), contracting agency, assistance type, federal program, and by type of spending. Year-to-year spending data for the selected geography or category can be displayed in list view or in interactive graphs.


USAspending.gov Government Spending at your fingertips (Source: OMB )

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