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Current Population Survey

a PSC Data Resource

Resource Source:U.S. Census Bureau


The Current Population Survey (CPS) is one of the oldest, largest, and most well-recognized surveys in the United States. It is immensely important, providing information on many of the things that define us as individuals and as a society—our work, our earnings, our education. It is also immensely complex. Staff of the Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics have attempted, in this publication, to provide data users with a thorough description of the design and methodology used in the CPS. The preparation of this technical paper was a major undertaking, spanning several years and involving dozens of statisticians, economists, and others from the two agencies.


Methodology, collecting, sampling (Source: Census Bureau)
Matching files across years (Source: PSC)
Merging (Source: PSC)
Design and Methodology: Current Population Survey (Technical Paper 66) (Source: Census Bureau)

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